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The target groups are employees in SMEs, training providers and training institutions, as well as institutions for professional further education and certification. Employees acquire most of their competences through non formal or informal learning, only a small part through formal learning. Certificates, however, are only awarded for formal learning so that the biggest part of the personal competences does not contribute to a person’s professional development. Attending training courses only to obtain a certificate for competences that have been acquired elsewhere is a waste of human resources.
Especially in small and medium-sized companies, where the responsibilities of the employees comprise various fields, an essential part of the competences is acquired through non-formal or informal learning. These qualifications are usually not certified. This strongly inhibits the mobility of employees in SMEs. To date, there is no possibility to certify competences that have been acquired through non-formal or informal learning. There are very few opportunities to have these competences certified.
This project intends to cooperate with training institutions, offering them methods and tools in order to certify and evaluate the results of non-formal and informal learning.

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