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The development pf a software solution for the support, the administration and the implementation of European certification processes is only possible within a European network. The projects that had to be transferred were characterized by capable partnerships and trans-national cooperation. All partners are involved in the development of the products. According to the individual competences, each partner is responsible for a work package. Thus, everyone profits of the work done by the partners. In addition, the results are translated by the partners, which ensures a high cost efficiency and guarantees a genuine European solution. Especially for the acceptance of the products, European cooperation is necessary. This cooperation has already been necessary when the projects were developed and now, we have a network of more than 20 countries. Thus, the certification system will be accepted European-wide and at the same time, the national characteristics will be taken into account. The added value of this innovative project for the transfer of innovation is a result of the distribution and the use of the products that will be transferred and developed further.

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Award 2006
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