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Work package 1
Title: Analysis
Development of the methodical basics for the transfer of innovations
Start / end (term)
01/11/2007 – 30/04/2008
Development of a detailed catalogue with the requirements for the transfer; taking account of the different approaches to the transfer
List of requirements for the programming
Work package 2
Title: Transfer and adjustment of the content
Adjustment of the initial innovations in order to prepare the transfer
Start / end (term)
01/04/2008 to 31/03/2009
Expected results
New descriptions of competences, questions for the tests and examinations in the field of commerce and administration
Adjustment of the descriptions of competences from the project VQNET and new questions for tests and examinations
Continued elaboration of the list of requirements as a basis for the creation of an internet-based solution.
Work package 3
Title: Programming
Development of a scalable internet-based solution for the certification
Start / end (term)
01/06/2008 to 30/06/2009
Expected results
Scalable internet-based solution for the certification
Work package 4
Title: Implementation
Merging the competence areas that have been developed and that shall be incorporated into the overall system (WP 2), using the internet-based software solution that has been developed 
Start / end (term)
01/04/2009 to 30/09/2009
Expected results
Completed system (scalable internet solution) for the certification, which has been tested on three competences and which can be applied to these areas when the results of non-formal and informal learning must be confirmed

Work package 5
Title: Test phase
Comprehensive test of the certification process with employees in SMEs
Start / end (term)
01/05/2009 to 31/07/09
Expected results
Hints for the improvement of the system
Confirmation of the certification system
Completion of the products
Work package 6
Title: ECVET
Evaluation of the certification process for competences that have been acquired through non-formal and informal learning, with regard to its suitability and adaptability in the area of ECVET 
Start / end (term)
01/05/2009 to 30/09/2009
Expected results
Expertise and recommendations that shall be included in the overall system and credit points according to the ECVET
Work package 7
Title: Valorisation
Introduction of the certification process into the system of professional education and training; transfer to the daily work in the companies/ institutions owned by the full partners
Start / end (term)
01/12/2008 to 30/09/2009
Expected results
High degree of popularity in Europe
Recommendations from the umbrella organisations of the chambers of commerce and the regional European chambers
Sustainable economic use of the certification system by the full partners 
Use the certification solution by other players/ training institutions
Work package 8
Title: Evaluation
Implementation of an internal and external evaluation of the project work and the results
Start / end (term)
01/11/2007 to 30/09/2009 internal evaluation and external formative evaluation
01/05/2009 to 30/09/2009 external summative evaluation
Expected results
Evaluation report

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