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We have noticed that the entry to vocational schools drastically decreased in the past few years in Slovenia. Due to the insufficient entry to individual programs, many technical secondary programs were abolished. Among them, there were the programs to acquire a profession of a rubber apprentice and a rubber technician. Consequently the lack of adequately qualified employees appeared in Slovenia on the level of vocational education. We have noticed as well that the employees in the rubber manufacturing industry have a lot of informal knowledge, acquired directly at work, but their knowledge is not properly evaluated and acknowledged.
We wish to increase the level of satisfaction, self-confidence and sense of self-worthiness among our employees, to acknowledge their knowledge, to reward them and enforce their position on the labour market. The most important aim of the project will be the transfer of the methods for validation of non-formal knowledge and the goal-oriented learning program that will enrich the practice of vocational education and will be at the same time easily transferable to other branches, in Slovenia and in other EU countries as well. We will elaborate the “e-validation process” and with its help acknowledge the employees their non-formal knowledge and grant them an internal diploma, an internally acknowledged document. The partnership consortium is small, but very carefully selected and formed. We have included the Idea developer Savatech, LUJ, who has very wide experience in adult training and certified portfolio maker. Bitmedia is very successful in the frame of e-learning content preparation and is a very reliable partner. IBS institute, as the organization we will transfer the innovation from, has developed a good system of competences certification, and therefore will contribute a lot into the successful adaptation and implementation to the needs of the target groups with lower educational level and also lower ICT technologies knowledge. 
The biggest and the most long-termed effect will be the fact that the validation of non-formal knowledge is a benefit for all of us. If the employees know that their competences are validated, they will be motivated to acquire knew knowledge and will constantly input to their own personal growth, to their work and will furthermore realize their potentials. Our company will continue with the activities and with the aim of verifying a program and acquiring a National Vocational Qualification Certificate and/or step into the process of validation of non formal knowledge at state level (all EU project) in at least two years after the end of the project. Our efforts will definitely have a wider positive impact to validation of non-formal knowledge. The results will be published, a conference prepared, a positive impacts of the good practice to our users will be presented and will be an example and a motivation to other companies in Slovenia and other EU countries.

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