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A European system for the certification of competences in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) has been created in the pilot project ESO-CSA (European Setting of the Organization for Certification Specialist Areas).A system has been developed for the identification, evaluation and the approval of specialised competences in SME’s, particularly those that have been gained through informal and non formal studies. Such a standardised European certificate does not exist. These new, standardised European certificates are making a major contribution to a European comparable evaluation of technical competences.

The competence requirements for all certificates are based on a system of 26 defined technical, methodical and social competences.

Management Certificates - EMC

Various certificates can be obtained during this certification process.  
The confirmation of minimum competencies is the basis for the certification process.
The management competencies are divided into four specialist areas (CSA) and for each of these areas the candidate must take an assessment. The specialist areas are CSA Strategy, CSA Processes, and CSA Human Resources, which comprises the areas methodical competencies and social competencies, and CSA Finance.
The candidate receives a certificate for each examination s/he has passed.
In order to receive the CEMES certificate for the highest level, the „CEMES Master“, the candidate has to complete the assessments for all 4 specialist areas (CSA) successfully. The EMC certificates and documents are issued by the European Head Office CEMES and validated by the National Head Offices CEMES.
According to the structure of the CEMES certificates and the CEMES examinations, there are the following possibilities for the recognition of the EMC:
EMC Master               requires                   CSA Strategy
                                                                       CSA Processes
                                                                       CSA Human Resources*                                                                                                                                     CSA Finance
EMC PM (Process-oriented Management)
                                   requires                     CSA Processes
                                                                       CSA Human Resources*
EMC FM (Financial Management)  
                                   requires                     CSA Finance
                                                                       CSA Human Resources*
*Comment: The areas methodical competencies and social competencies have been integrated into CSA Human Resources and are thus part of this examination.

The examinations for the specialist areas (CSA) may be taken at different certification centres and in different countries.
The specialist certificates require special examinations.

Certificates for specialist competences

The following certificates for specialist competencies can be acquired within the scope of this certification system:
1.    Business administration
2.    Human resource manager
3.    Promotion and sales manager
4.    Business trainer
5.    Corporate strategy and corporate planning
6.    Production manager
7.    Soft skills manager
8.    Manager of European projects
These specialist certificates are based on the competencies which have been defined for the management certificates. Single competencies have been combined in order to create specialist certificates for various areas. These certificates confirm specific knowledge and specific competencies in particular fields. Consequently, the level of value had to be adapted as well. A European project manager for example, has to have a level of value of 90% for internationality, whereas it is only 40% for the holder of an EMC certificate. This means that a certificate for specialist competencies confirms a higher level of a specific competence in a particular field.

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